Yoga Acharya Teacher Training

Course Introduction

Yoga Acharya is a unique teacher training to explore the deeper meaning of Yoga and to practically imbibe its knowledge in everyday life experience.

The Yoga Acharya Training brings together two major Yoga systems – Classic Yoga and Inner Yoga. Inner Yoga is conceived by Guruji Sri Vast. While classical Yoga brings the physical body to a healthy performance in daily life, Inner Yoga transcends one’s capacity to its natural state of being – a unique opportunity to explore the cosmic nature.


Practical information:

Yoga Acharya training is a certified international yoga teacher education. The Course contains 2 levels, each level is a 21-day training. Students will have the possibility to get additional training on how to run a successful Yoga Center.

The course is conducted at Sri Vast Center Sweden and India. The serene and beautiful settings are ideal for the yogic living and learning, and an opportunity to experience yoga through the holistic approach lived in a spiritual environment. Students are gifted to receive Satsang and Darshan by the enlightened Master Sri Vast, which will support their learning and experiences.



  • Gaining a flexible, healthier and stronger body
  • Stabilization of the body, mind, and energy systems
  • Increased harmony with oneself, in relationships, at work and on all levels of life
  • Direction for a way of living that promotes peace and mindfulness
  • Explore deeper dimensions of life connecting to the cosmic energy
  • Activating the inherent healing capacity
  • Deceleration of the aging process
  • Capacity to teach and inspire people towards a yogic life
  • Certification to teach Inner Yoga and Classical Yoga

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