Winter Retreat

People from all walks of life come to Sri Vast Center for the end of the year, to be part of this memorable 12-day celebration in the presence of Guruji Sri Vast. It is a joyful communion with the Master – a retreat full of spiritual discoveries – an experience of silence, celebration and inner bliss. It is a beautiful time to nurture your body, evoke your spirit and rejoice in the essence of Life.

Life is so beautiful, so vast and infinite. Between the birth and death of this body we must experience that infiniteness – the deathless state of ourselves


Welcome to a memorable experience of dwelling in the Master’s graceful presence, wisdom, and direct, loving guidance. During the retreat Guruji is giving daily Satsang, offering the opportunity to dive profoundly into your spiritual quest.

The daily rhythm includes morning meditations, Inner Yoga, nature walks and  singing, all designed to allow your body and mind to tune into a natural rhythm, and for you to come closer to yourself as a unique divine being.


Guruji's Schedule

Satsang – Jan 13 – in Thiruvannamalai, India

Welcome to immerse yourself into the sacred field of Guruji Sri Vast – A Master, Mystic and Poet, full of authentic joy, love, grace and...

When you are in my café, I share my cup of tea. It is me. I want you to drink totally, until the last drop, without your past, without a comparison with anything. When you leave the café, you let...