Surya Sadhana: Dec 16 - 18 2017

Time for letting Go and Healing ourselves

During this New Moon period we will have the Sun-Moon conjoined at ~14 degrees close to the fixed star Antares in the heart of the Scorpion. The pure energy of the sun during the waning Moon can assist us to stand in divine light and call out the darkness of the world; and also, to go quietly within and examine what we fear the most, let go, and actively cultivate more joy, love, forgiveness, and peace.

Surya Sadhana

Everything is given to you.
Be busy in receiving,
busy in appreciating,
busy in experiencing what is given to you.
At one point, the whole so-called Existence and You
will not be two different things anymore.
You will experience yourself
in every peak of this Life.

Surya – the sun – is an embodiment of divine creation, bringing positive energy to the earth. Surya Sadhana is conducted every new moon in the beginning of a 28-day cosmic cycle. During new moon the sun gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative, which can nurture our spiritual path towards enlightenment. Surya Sadhana falls monthly into an auspicious time for making a change or starting a new project. It is also an ideal time to reflect old habits, behaviours and beliefs as one is encouraged by the cosmic constellations to search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

The best time for making a fresh start is during the first two weeks of the cycle, and Surya Sadhana can ignite such initiatives. Surya Sadhana awakens spiritual energy in a person’s life bringing more energy, warmth and abundance and gradually reaching a higher level of consciousness.

The celestial movement of the sun during new moon is considered in many ancient cultures and civilizations auspicious. Regular celebration of Surya Sadhana will cosmically strengthen one’s spiritual path. Depending on cosmic constellations, each Surya Sadhana has its own positive influences and utilization.

Benefit of Surya Sadhana

  • flexible and restful body
  • happiness & positive life approach
  • release of dominant blockages, suffocation and internal contradictions
  • sharper memory and clear thinking
  • experiencing beauty in nature
  • exploring grace within the body
  • leading body and mind into a healthy state and longevity

Date and Location:

The Surya Sadhana program is conducted every new moon with a 3-day-program, starting 1 day before new moon.

The program is conducted in India and Sweden.


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