Seeing New Beauty


Seeker : How to see the beauty of the flower without owning it?

Guruji Sri Vast:

When we see something beautiful, we like to own that beauty. That is why so much beauty is destroyed in this world. When the beauty is owned, it’s not beauty anymore. But you can stand and look at it – Oh, my God, it is so beautiful! – and you are fulfilled with that beauty. Then you move on. Then there is another beauty available. Wow! So great! Then the whole path is filled with beauties. But normally what do we do? Wow! It’s so beautiful! Ping! We cut it. Then I walk with this beauty because now I am satisfied. I own this beauty. Then I don’t see any other beauty. At home, I put this flower in a glass of water. It’s done. It’s on my dining table. I don’t look at it anymore! In the evening the flower is drooping. Then I throw it out and tomorrow morning I want to own something new. But if I had not picked it? So many people would have enjoyed the beauty, so many people would have appreciated that beauty.

Ownership removes the beauty. If the flower is on the plant it has freedom. It can bloom further. And even when it falls down, it creates something beautiful around it. But when we bring the flower home, we don’t use it, we throw it out. But if the same flower is falling out there, it gives something back to the same system. It becomes a cycle.

It is the same thing with relationships. This person is so beautiful. What do we want? We want to own this person. We want to own this person because we are afraid they may not be there for us, only for us. By owning this person, we close our eyes to the rest of the beautiful people in the world. I am not saying don’t own anything, simply flirt around, I am not telling that. I am saying that once you own it, you don’t even take care of this anymore. It’s confirmed this is mine now. And after sometime this is gone, the flower is not the same anymore, the person is not beautiful anymore. Because we decided now it is done. We don’t see that beauty continuously because once we owned, it’s done. The freedom is lost.

Once you go into the garden the first time: Wow! It’s so great! So beautiful! After two months? Mm. I have seen this garden. But it’s not true! Every day the garden is new. Every day there’s a new flower, every day there’s a new grass, every day an old flower falls down, a new flower blooms, there are new plants, new branches, every day the garden is new. The ignorant mind has stored one picture and it doesn’t look for the new. It immediately refers only to the old picture. But every day it is a new garden, and the garden that you see now is only available today. Because tomorrow there are new flowers, new branches, new colors, new fragrances, new dreams. So this garden is available only now and tomorrow the garden is totally new.

It is the same thing with a person also. A person is always new. Every day the person is new. And every day, you are a new person. You cannot judge yourself because of your past. If you are not able to see the garden every day as new, then you are also not able to see yourself as a new person. If you are not able to see yourself as new every day, start with the garden. Every day look at the flower. “Oh, my God! Today this plant is new! Today there are some new leaves!” Find one plant and observe every day: Wow! It’s not the same plant! Tomorrow: Wow! There are new buds coming, new branches coming. Then something must be happening to me also, something must be new in me also. Old flowers fall down: Oh, something must be falling down from me too. You can see something is happening to you.

Like a child, find some small plant and observe that plant, every day. You say: “Wow! What happened to you today? How are you today? And who are you today?” “Oh, I am the plant with 4 flowers today. I am the plant with 18 leaves today and two leaves are new today.” “Wow! That’s cool!” There’s something new! And tomorrow you go and look at the same plant: “How are you today? And who are you today?” Because you don’t know this plant, you are meeting a totally new plant. “Oh, I’m the plant with only one flower but 3 more leaves today. And I am dancing, I am bending today.” Aha! Something new. Something happened. It had 4 flowers and today one new flower. Something is gone, some new flower is here. Maybe within me also? Something is gone from yesterday and today something is newly blooming inside me, some new fragrances are coming to me. You will see how every day you are blooming, how every day you become a new flower and that your life is not stagnant. Observe this plant for one week and you will see: “Yes, I am not static, I am not stagnant, I am not the same person. Every day I am transforming. Every day I am evolving. Every day I am new. My old stories are not valid anymore.”

Accept that something is happening to this plant so that something is happening to you also. Just appreciate that plant. And accept that something new is happening to you, something old is leaving you. Suddenly the concept of the flower and you, the concept of observer and what is observed, will dissolve. The concept of you and the flower will not be there, only the blooming will be there – you and the blooming flower.