guruji srivast blessing

This 5-day retreat invites you to dwell in the deepest sacred space within you, to explore the revival of your senses, to sense this life beyond your own limitations. The conditioned body and mind manipulate our senses so that the cosmic creation, the existence of divine beauty in this life becomes invisible to our senses. Satyam, Sivam Sundaram – Truth, Godliness and Beauty, the retreat helps one to rediscover the profoundness in life and in oneself. The retreat is an eye opener to discover one’s purpose of this life and realize one’s highest spiritual potential.

The silent retreat with Guruji brings deeper understanding of oneself and explores different dimensions of one’s spiritual journey. The days are filled with Satsang, meditation, yoga, spiritual sadhanas and joyful, devotional togetherness.

During this period the Vastian Sangha celebrates Guruji’s Enlightenment days. All the retreat participants have the opportunity to take part in these profound celebrations.

Celebrations during the Retreat

Due to cosmic events during the Silent Retreat, various celebrations will take place at Sri Vast Center. These celebrations will be integrated into the retreat program and all retreat participants will be invited to participate.

Divyam Celebration

Chandra Sadhan January