This 5-day retreat invites you to delve into the mystic trinity of Satyam Sivam Sundaram – Truth, Godliness and Beauty. This trinity, explained by Guruji Sri Vast, contains the whole wisdom and vital tools for a new discovery of the meaning of life on this planet, at this time. Guided in the loving presence of the Master, you will be invited to embark on a life-affirming journey for a practical, transformational living experience.

The serene sanctuary of Sri Vast Center inspires a genuine introspection during these 5 days of silent retreat. The quietude of a silent retreat takes you deeper along your spiritual journey. Satsang and other devotional gatherings in the graceful presence of Guruji Sri Vast, take place twice a day. During Satsang Guruji infuses divine wisdom and responds to seekers’ inquiries.

Truth brings liberation.
True wisdom brings you to a state of godliness.
True love brings you to beauty.
Satyam – Sivam – Sundaram
truth – godliness – beauty

Celebrations during the Retreat

Due to cosmic events during the Silent Retreat, various celebrations will take place at Sri Vast Center. These celebrations will be integrated into the retreat program and all retreat participants will be invited to participate.

1 Divyam in Silent Retreat

1 Chandra in Silent Retreat