Welcome to Satsang

Satsang is an invitation to see life through the eyes of the living enlightened Master.

Immerse yourself into the sacred field of Guruji Sri Vast – a Master, Mystic and Poet – full of authentic joy, love, grace and a flow of natural wisdom. Guruji’s profound Teachings invite us into a celebration of Life as a path towards total Liberation.

Satsang, known as ‘gathering with the truth’ is open to everyone authentically aspiring to self-transformation. Satsang is not a casual occasion but an event that prepares us towards self-realization in this life. During Satsang, Guruji Sri Vast speaks from his own realized state – welcoming you to ask questions relating to your spiritual growth.

Satsang offers you the possibility to be available to receive profound insights and divine blessings. This helps you in your daily life and furthers your evolvement towards the realization of your true Self.

Guruji’s presence,
words and silence are
pearls of passion, joy,
beauty and celebration.

“Come, Come! Let us Rejoice !
Come, Come. Let us Reclaim
our way of being!
Come, Come. Let us be Reborn!”