Purnam – Completness

Purnam - Completeness

the Alchemy of Enlightenment

Purnam means Completeness – Completeness of oneself in body, mind and soul. During this 10-day program Guruji Sri Vast teaches the Alchemy of Enlightenment – revealing the path towards Total Liberation.

Guruji’s graceful presence and profound wisdom inspire us to transcend the inherent imprints from our past and to rediscover the completeness in ourselves – an innocent state of divine beauty. The Teachings on Purnam include Sadhanas which take us beyond our boundaries into the divine plane. Welcome to discover Purnam – the Completeness in you.

By transforming yourself
you are transforming your world.
When a person is enlightened,
That person’s world
is getting enlightened.
There he experiences everything
and everyone as enlightened.

Immerse yourself into the
divine grace of Guruji Sri Vast

Experience the profound Mystic of our time – full of divine grace, love and a flow of natural wisdom. Thousands of people around the world have transformed their lives through Guruji’s presence.

Guruji’s Teachings and His Divine energy guide us to enter into transcendent bliss, evoking the practical living of the enlightened state in everyday life. During the Purnam Retreat participants will be blessed with an initiation by Guruji onto the path towards Total Liberation. An eternal gift to the soul.

Come let us rejoice

Guruji's Schedule

Satsang – Jan 13 – in Thiruvannamalai, India

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