Mystic's Way Retreat

The Mystic’s Way Retreat with Guruji Sri Vast is especially for those with a thirst to further their spiritual experience. With its unique and transcendental techniques, this retreat explores the Way of the Living Mystic, revealing the hidden truths of our being.

If you enter into the mystic layer,
you will experience the deathless state in this life itself.
You will experience the infiniteness of life.
A kind of joy arises, some kind of peace arises.
You start to see another world
– you start to experience the angelic layer.

The profound wisdom shared by Guruji during these 10 days inspires us to enter into a whole new dimension of exploring life on this planet.


Welcome to a memorable experience of dwelling in the Master’s graceful presence, wisdom, and direct guidance. During the retreat Guruji is giving daily Satsang, offering the opportunity to dive profoundly into your spiritual quest.

I am just igniting a dream in you. A dream for a new world, a world where man and woman live harmoniously with all beings. Where our differences are dissolved. Where God is not a myth, but a mere reality. Where life is not a problem but a celebration.

When you are in my café, I share my cup of tea. It is me. I want you to drink totally, until the last drop, without your past, without a comparison with anything. When you leave the café, you let...

Guruji's Schedule

Satsang – Jan 13 – in Thiruvannamalai, India

Welcome to immerse yourself into the sacred field of Guruji Sri Vast – A Master, Mystic and Poet, full of authentic joy, love, grace and...