Let us celebrate
our way of existence,
Let us be just what we are. Let us celebrate
our way of existence, disappear into the bliss.

Come come, let us rejoice. Come come, natural beings. Come come, beyond our boundaries. Come come,
being just what we are.

Welcome to unite with fellow seekers to Margazhi Festival, to surrender in the sacred tunes by world-renown artists, practice the most profound yoga techniques in the world, and attend Satsang of non-dogmatic truth, touching the core of your pure inner self.

The Sangha of Sri Vast Center welcomes spiritual seekers from all walks of life to a 5-day festivity during the special celestial month of Margazhi – auspicious for sacred celebrations, music and dance. It is an international gathering in the spirit of truth, sacred music, yoga, singing and the magic of living life together!

Beyond its festivity the gathering is a contribution towards the evolution of human consciousness – honoring the divine beauty in life and sharing devotional gratitude towards nature and existence.

Welcome to a joyful celebration on your spiritual journey.
Welcome to re-discover the state of just being – in bliss.

More information coming up soon