Living Enlightenment - July 2019

Liberate, totally Liberate,
until the question of Liberation
disappears within you.
Flow, just flow with the Life.
In that flow you and me will disappear.
The comparison of your inner and outer world will disappear.
Without knowing you will realize
that you are already there.

From a profound experience of Total Liberation, Guruji Sri Vast shares with us the Art of Enlightenment and how it is practically accessible to all through a process of inner transformation. The graceful presence of the Master brings new light into our life, attaining clarity of one’s life purpose and a path towards self-realization.

The retreat is an experience of devotional joy, love and spiritual insights. Every ‘Living Enlightenment Retreat’ is a unique life transforming and life affirming experience – an exciting new journey which brings a meditative daily life expression with harmony, peace and bliss. It is an invitation to be ‘Born Once Again’. Welcome to explore your transcendental Nature!


Welcome to a memorable experience in the Master’s graceful presence, wisdom, and direct, loving guidance.

During the retreat Guruji is giving daily Satsang, offering the opportunity to dive profoundly into one’s spiritual quest. The daily rhythm includes morning meditation, Inner Yoga, nature walks and singing, all designed to allow your body and mind to tune into a natural rhythm and to approach yourself as a unique divine being.

You are searching for total liberation. You have to experience the totality of yourself. Unless you find that, nothing can bring satisfaction in your life.

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