Inner Yoga

I want you to be according to yourself, without any reference point. You are just part of the divine dance. Just dance with life. Just dance with the whole Existence. In that dance you will realize that you are Endless.

Inner Yoga is a profound yoga and meditation technique conceived by Guruji Sri Vast, developed as a practice integrated in everyday life. Inner Yoga is an evolutionary step in the field of Yoga, helping to expand oneself from a physical plane to a cosmic life experience that naturally evokes an inner transformation towards the deeper meaning in life.

It is a self-healing technique, which awakens the inherent intelligence in the body, allowing natural healing to take place.

Inner Yoga reveals one’s inner beauty and grace. It works in various subtle layers of our body, including the chakras, elements and the cosmic attunement. In this new life experience, an inner freedom is attained where our life goals can be reached and performed effortlessly.

Benefits of Inner Yoga

Inner Yoga affects your whole system with tremendous benefits. Through Inner Yoga life will change to a lighter, natural and positive experience for yourself, which naturally will radiate and be felt by your surrounding.

  • a natural body experience
  • strong, light and balanced body
  • restful, not feeling tired
  • healthy, not easily getting sick
  • flexible body and flexible mind
  • sense of harmony, joy & positive life approach
  • release of dominant blockages, suffocation and internal complication or contradictions
  • curing many diseases including depression
  • improved eyesight and hearing
  • sharper memory and clear thinking
  • reduced chattering mind
  • unemotional responding
  • expansion of your sensory capacity
  • being in contact with nature
  • allowing the body to inquire beyond our human standpoint
  • experiencing the grace body
  • aligning with the cosmic realm


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The origin of Inner Yoga

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