Welcome to Divyam

29 – 31 January

Every year during the particular cosmic alignment of the star Cancri with Full moon we celebrate DIVYAM – Guruji’s Enlightenment.

The Vastian Sangha joyfully invites you to join the glorious three-day celebration to honor the Cosmic Realization. A realization which has realized the state of Formless in Form – Guruji Sri Vast. A manifestation to realize the Divine Age.

The DIVYAM days are filled with Satsang, initiations and devotional gatherings in the presence of divine Grace.

A New World needs new inspiration, new culture, new beauty. A new world which is free from the past, free from religious dogmatisms,
free from discriminative cultures and traditions. A New World which brings new light into our heart.
A world where we all can live in the grace of divine beauty.
A world where we live in harmony between men and women, between human and nature.
A world where God is not a myth but a reality of every moment. I welcome you into that New World, a raceless society,
where God is not worshiped but practiced in between us – a dream for dreamers – A divine Age.

Guruji Sri Vast